TED 2013. Click here to view My TED Talk

How it happened:

“Why is sex so damn good?” I once wondered out loud. A young lady I know overheard my question and suggested that perhaps it was due to the five senses. From this short exchange I began to keep a 5 senses diary of different experiences in my life. And from these results, I realized that a good designer shouldn’t just make things look pretty, but also tantalize the other senses of the end user.

In 2011, I was invited to present my theory at a local TEDx event in Korea.
In 2012, the TED organization held a Global Talent Search in 14 cities around the world. To be accepted to the audition, people were asked to send in a one minute video about themselves. Here’s my entry (click below to watch):

My intro video earned me an audition spot at the competition. Winners of the Global Talent Search would be invited to speak at the main TED event at Long Beach, California (home of Snoop Dogg). During the audition, their remote control for the slides went haywire, resulting in a 15-20 second delay from the moment the button was pushed to when the next slide would appear. Needless to say, my performance was stilted. I gave up any chance of winning and did my best to forget about the whole affair.

The TED blog entry for my talk.  Click on image to link to article.

The TED blog entry for my talk.  Click on image to link to article.

On September 27th, 2012, I received an email informing me that I was one of the winners. I remember the date well because it just happens to be my birthday (man, those TED people are good). 

In February 2013, I got to stand on a stage in Long Beach, facing 1500 people, each of whom had paid a minimum of $7,000 to attend the week-long TED event. I faced this audience and announced in a loud, clear voice:  Why is sex so damn good?

The TED blog entry for my talk shows some more graphs not included in my talk.