Justin Kim, Service Designer at Engine Service Design
He is a company co-founder who I can sincerely trust, a mentor who I turn my head to when seeking advice, and one of the greatest minds that I have ever known. I earnestly recommend him, and have no doubt that whoever decides to work with him will soon realise what I mean by this.

Nita Song, President at IW Group
With creativity and enthusiasm, Jinsop Lee offers a new approach to problem-solving. By focusing on consumer needs first, his method delivers solutions that engage customers' hearts, minds and souls. Innovative, fun and effective!

Choong Kim, Professor at Seoul National University of Science and Technology
His main strength is being able to come up with inspired solutions to design problems, often in a matter of moments. This is in part due to his wealth of knowledge both in and outside of the design field. He is one of those rare designers that can design beautiful items with a clear vision of their strategic position in the marketplace. His sense of humor also comes in handy during those late nights close to a project deadline. In summary, he is a pleasure to work with professionally.

Joseph Park, Rotary Engineering Limited Planning Engineer
His entrepreneurial experience and depth of knowledge over a range of subjects make him more than an ordinary designer. He is a person with well-balanced management ability and therefore, he will immediately identify and provide solutions to all the issues encountered during business operation and he will be able to provide outstanding results from any given task.

Rhea Jeong, Industrial/Experience Designer at Google+Motorola
Jinsop's classes was one of the best from my school memories, he has taught us how to tell a story by finding common sympathy in daily life and personal experience. As he weaved in design thinking during his lecture - he is truly a great storyteller himself!

Jack Allwood, Creative Director at OnePointSix
Jinsop also presented brand new material every second week as an example of the presentation types and standards to come. Jinsop’s constant energy and extremely approachable nature made him the perfect professor. He was never lenient, yet never disliked, and consistently adored.

Ronald Beckman, Associate Professor at Syracuse University
Jinsop is one of the most creative students in this outstanding design department. He rarely takes an easy route to the solution of a design problem, but strives to make innovative contributions to the state of the art... As is so necessary in modern business, Jinsop has demonstrated his skills as a team player... he has pooled his talents with classmates of average ability and inspired them to greater results. This is the sign of a natural leader. Every so often an instructor meets a student with a zest for life and optimistic nature. Jinsop Lee is that rare student and will contribute to the growth and success of his fellows and whatever institution he joins in the future.