I give a talk in front of 5,000 people at the Solidworks 2015 Conference in America.

I give a talk in front of 5,000 people at the Solidworks 2015 Conference in America.

I enjoy public speaking. I have spoken publically on a range of subjects from cultural differences to road rage. But mainly, I love talking about design.

Ever since my TED talk, I’ve been invited to speak for a few organizations. Although I am based in South Korea with a demanding full-time job, the company I work for is very supportive of my flying around the world to do these talks (I work with some very cool people). So far, I’ve been invited to give talks in America, Turkey, Germany and Korea. My biggest audience so far was a talk I gave in front of 5,000 people for the Solidworks 2015 conference in the US. I’ve also become a contributor for the TV show ‘How Do They Do It?’ shown on the Discovery Channel and the Sci-fi Channel.

Not surprisingly, most of these organizations ask me to talk about the 5 Senses Theory. However, what I don’t do is a simple repeat of my performance at TED. Instead, I design a unique presentation for every event that connects my theory to the particular audience I am speaking to. For Solidworks, I gave a talk on the future of digital design software from a 5 senses point of view. In Turkey, I was speaking to the local association of retail store developers, so I explained how the shopping experience could be enhanced by designing for all of the senses, complete with specific examples and case studies.

I don’t do public speaking just for the money (but it helps). I am extremely passionate about the 5 Senses Theory and about spreading the message of the importance of design to as many people as possible. I put a lot of work into preparing every talk that I do. Here are some reviews from people who have heard me speak:

"We love the talk… you’re giving people a design tool that they can customize to their own needs.”
Chris Anderson, TED Curator

 "You TOTALLY a rocked it, thanks for being so amazing."
Laurie Davis, Manager of Solidworks World General Session

"On behalf of Soysal, we would like to thank you for your inspiring speech. I hope we will have the chance to work with you, again."
Suat Soysal, CEO of Soysal

"With creativity and enthusiasm, Jinsop Lee offers a new approach to problem-solving. By focusing on consumer needs first, his method delivers solutions that engage customers' hearts, minds and souls. Innovative, fun and effective!"
Nita Song, President of the IW Group

If you are interested in booking me for a speaking engagement, please reach out to Holly Goulet. She’s the wonderful person that handles these affairs for me:

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